One of the key sweeteners recommended by Amanda from the Raw Food Kitchen at our last member event was Yacon Syrup.

Organic Yacon Syrup is reported to be a low G1 natural sweetener, with a lovely flavour similar to molasses, perhaps more caramel like. It is claimed to have little or no effect on your blood sugar level so is a good choice as a sweetener, especially for diabetics.

Organic Yacon Syrup, is made from an Andean plant which has been used for centuries for its natural health properties. Yacon provides a natural source of fructooligosaccharides (FOS).

FOS are becoming increasing popular due to their claimed prebiotic effect, stimulating the growth of intestinal microflora in the large intestine, increasing overall gastrointestinal tract (GI Tract) health.

Yacon syrup can be used as a sugar substitute in baking, cooking, sauces, dressings and drinks. Now available at the Co-Op.