Have you ever stared at the bags of waste at the end of a party and thought “there must be a better way”? But it’s hard enough to plan a party without being overwhelmed by trying to make it sustainable as well. Luckily some wonderful people on the Northern Beaches have had exactly the same thoughts and have developed three no-fuss, waste-free party kit hire options. They will help you throw the perfect waste-free party!

Piskie Parties

Waste-free party kit by Piskie Parties

Piskie Parties is located in the Collaroy area and is run by Marina Barker. Marina is a busy lady since she also operates Boomerang Bunting (see below).

The waste-free party kits offered by Piskie Parties include both plastic tableware and fabric décor items in various styles suitable for both kids and adults, in bright or pastel colours, or plain white. Here’s a list of the things that you can borrow:

  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Bowls
  • Unbreakable glasses
  • Cutlery
  • Serving platters
  • Jugs
  • Decorations
  • Table linen

That’s not a comprehensive list so do ask about all the tableware available. It costs just $20 to hire a kit which includes up to 40 settings. That fee includes a washing up & laundering service on its return so it’s incredible value. Pick up and return is at Marina’s place in Collaroy Plateau.

You can check availability and book Pixies Party Kits via the Party Kit Network site or their Facebook page.

Boomerang Bunting

Waste-free party bunting by Boomerang

Boomerang Bunting is also operated by Marina Barker of Piskie Parties fame. They offer free hire of any of their many bunting options.  That means it’s not only better for the planet but also cheaper to use a beautiful hand-made fabric bunting, instead of the plastic options sold in party stores.

And there really is a bunting for every event! Head to their Facebook page (see the services tab) to check out images of all 25, yes 25, options.

Choose your bunting and then message Marina to enquire about availability on your event date. She will reply with confirmation of availability or other suggestions and provide instructions for pick up and return of the bunting. It really couldn’t be easier to have waste-free party décor!

Northern Beaches Party Kits

Waste-free party kit by Northern Beaches Party Kits

The Northern Beaches Party Kit Network is run by Zoe Knights and is based in Frenchs Forest.

The kits usually cost $20, and that’s for a 24 piece kids kit which includes plate, cup, bowl and teaspoon as well as a tablecloth and a set of cloth bunting. It also includes delivery locally and the washing up so again, incredible value!

Zoes can also provide adult kits with a slightly more sophisticated look in pink, blue & cream tones. These include a dinner plate, side plate and cup as well as a knife and fork, plus tablecloth. The adult kits can include settings for up to 40 people and costs roughly $1 per setting.

There are also additional items such as trays, cake stands and drinks dispensers which are usually included at no extra cost with the kit.

All proceeds from the waste-free party kit hire go to either a local charity such as the Northern Beaches Clean Up Crew, or Zoe’s kids’ primary school if a school family has hired the kit.

You can check availability and book Northern Beaches Party Kits via the Party Kit Network site or their Facebook page.

With these three great waste-free party kit options available right here on the Northern Beaches, it’s time to make your next party a waste-free one!