Without the generosity, expertise and commitment demonstrated by the businesses below, the new Co-Op would not have been possible (or anywhere near as awesome as it is). We would like to acknowledge the contributions of these businesses and encourage you to please support them. They have gone beyond the call of duty to contribute to the new store and we are very grateful for this. 


Our friends at Alfalfa House donated our rather beautiful looking fruit and vegetable display. Although is wasn’t that beautiful when it arrived. With some imagination, elbow grease and discount paints from Murobond it was transformed into the beautiful and functional feature you can see above.

Murobond Paints. Murobond gave us a 30% discount on all paint. Our crisp white walls, beautiful fruit display and many other painted surfaces were made possible because of their kind discount.

Colin Hutton, Handyman Extraordinaire. Colin volunteered a massive amount of hours unpaid to the fit out. If you have a handyman job that needs doing, Colin can be contacted on 0404 353 253.

Simon Wheals of Nomis Constructions – Also volunteered an enormous amount of time and skill to the new shop. Simon is a talented and trade qualified carpenter. He can do amazing things with recycled materials so please call him if you have any building needs  0404 123 412.

Matt Haran of TagalongMatt produced the light box, window decals and screen print for our new produce bags all for free. Tagalong are polypropylene specialists and can do just about anything with this material! Call 9905 9829.

Adam Millar oA.J. Millar Electrical. Adam completed all of the electrical work at cost and always with a smile. If you ever need a great sparky, Adam is your man. Call him on 0413 646 172.  

Tom Wilson of Tom Wilson Design. Tom’s detailed technical drawings of the building and the fit out were invaluable and all completed totally free of charge. Tom worked tirelessly to design a space that was unique, functional and cost effective to fit out. Please contact Tom with any of your design needs.

Mark Baxter of Baxter & Jacobson Architects. Mark provided invaluable building guidance and connected us to his clients who donated materials for re-use in the new shop. The stunning marble counter tops and wood for the front counter are both donations from his client’s work sites.   

Kristy Moore of Kristy Moore Studio. Kristy designed our new logo from her base in San Francisco and established our new look and feel creatively. Our smart new labels were also designed by Kristy. Kristy has a keen eye for style and design and cracks it every time. She is available for design projects by request

Deb McNee of Midas Touch Gardens. Deb has donated her time and her own gardening resources to help bring the new store “to life”. If you’re looking for a sustainable gardening solution or educator, Contact Deb 0420 880 308.   

Patrick Houston of Procreate Studio. Our blackboard signs throughout the new shop are thanks to Patrick. Patrick is an incredibly talented artist and he whipped these up for us at the drop of a hat. Patrick’s creative space is one to visit and if you or anyone in your family would like to explore your artistic side, a workshop with Patrick could be perfect.

Fiona Bushelle. Fiona is a Freelance Graphic Designer who has created just about all of the store signage in the new shop. She designed the stickers on the front windows and has been helping to create new signs for many weeks. Please contact Fiona if you have a design job that needs to be done!