By Jenna Jensen

Effective, affordable, simple, Australian-made, and free of harmful ingredients are just some of the reasons Skinmade is the skin care range we stock at the co-op.

Not only that, but Skinmade is just as passionate about the environment as we are. You can return your jars and bottles for a 50c refund that Skinmade will reuse for future products, so it’s a big yes from us!

Skinmade is suitable for the whole family, cruelty-free and uses locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. 100% pure, cold-pressed oils and nourishing ingredients that our skin loves, just like nature intended.

Let’s talk about some of their products and what makes them so great for you and some tips and ways you can use them to keep your skincare routine fuss-free and sustainable.

Jojoba BasSkinmade Carrier Oilse Oil: $30, 100ml – An absolute must have in all households!

What makes Jojoba oil so special is its similarity to our own natural sebum, making it easily absorbed into the skin without greasiness or weighing the skin down. It’s a great moisturizer on its own or used as a carrier oil with your essential oils. You can use it as a hair and scalp mask, massage oil, or body lotion. Jojoba oil is packed with vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants, it soothes, hydrates and balances the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is gentle enough for sensitive skin types. Say no more!

Floral Mist – Skinmade Floral MistRose & Geranium: $17, 50ml

Floral mists are such a beautiful product to use, a great way to refresh your skin and well-being throughout the day. It can be used after cleansing to seal pores and prep the skin before applying cream or serum. The combination of rose and geranium not only smells divine but helps soften and soothe the skin. They are both beneficial for sunburn, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis sufferers. They will also leave you feeling calm, refreshed and reduce stress – a great way to start your day.

Oat & Lemon Myrtle Scrub: $22,  30g

This scrub is kept pure by leaving it in its dry form to be mixed with cleanser or base oil with each use. A must for makeup users to help remove build-up, and leave the skin soft and smooth. Left on for a few minutes, it doubles as a mask with ivory clay helping to purify and draw out toxins in the skin. With lemon myrtle, an Australian favourite, it’s a fantastic cleanser, balances oily skin and unclogs pores. It is good if you suffer from acne on your chest and back, two areas that can get a bit congested from sweat.

Want to hear what the makers of Skinmade have to say? We asked them some questions so we can get to know them and their brand better:

Who are the creators and why skincare?

Genevieve and Claire are behind Skinmade. We are sisters-in-law who share a love of all things natural. We were both tired of the lack of affordable skincare and believe natural skincare is just another step in the right direction of having a chemical free life.

How was Skinmade born?

Skinmade was born about 5 years ago. We had already been blending our own oils and expanded on that to create a full skincare range. The idea behind our range is to create natural skincare that is effective, simple to use and affordable. We tried to keep Skinmade products simple so they could be used by the whole family.

What’s your favourite proSkinmade Creams and Serumsduct in the range?

Genevieve: My favourite product is the rosehip and cucumber serum. It’s great to use under makeup and really refreshing on my skin and not heavy.

Claire: It’s a tie between Cleanser and the Anti-Ageing Oil. I have normal/sensitive skin and these products really suit my skin. I cleanse twice a day and use the Anti-Ageing Oil at night. My skin is always soft and glowing in the morning.

Where do you source the ingredients from?

Ingredients are sourced worldwide, however we purchase locally and Australian wherever possible from certified organic suppliers.

What makes Skinmade different from the rest?

We use good quality organic ingredients, but keep prices affordable. We are also environmentally conscious in all facets of our business including recycling programs for used jars and minimal packaging/labeling. The co-op has a great program where jars can be returned, and we reuse them.

Whats your top tip for great skin?

A healthy and active lifestyle. What you put in your body greatly affects your skin. Use natural products that are as close to nature as possible such as organic oil blends, serums based on Aloe Vera and regular exfoliation. Be gentle with your skin and moisturise twice a day.

Thank you, Genevieve and Claire for bringing us organic, safe skincare that’s in alignment with our shoppers at the co-op.


About the Author:

JennaJen is formally from NZ and has been enjoying the Manly lifestyle for nearly 2 years now. A hairstylist by trade, Jen is passionate and driven to incorporate her sustainable, holistic lifestyle into her work. Always happy to share her experience and knowledge on sustainable, non-toxic beauty and living a zero waste lifestyle. “I love to volunteer regularly at the co-op, being surrounded by like-minded people and helping the community gives me purpose. I owe a lot of my health and well-being to the co-op.”