Re-usable coffee cups were an unforeseen Covid casualty with many cafés not accepting their use. Initial concerns over sanitisation safety were the main reason, and this is understandable. As we’ve all made our way through this new normal, many cafés have reconsidered their approach. You can read more below about the risks involved, and how to mitigate them.

With the help of our wonderful community, your Co-op has compiled a list cafés who will happily embrace your re-usable cup.

Cafés Taking Re-usable Coffee Cups

@theroastoffice located at 37 Darley Road, Manly

@sprout.manly located at the rear of 63 The Corso (only open Thursday to Sunday), Manly

@infinitybakerymanly located at shop 3, 15a The Corso (entrance on Market Lane), Manly 

@showboxcoffee located at 19 Whistler Street, Manly

@fikaswedishkitchen located at 5b Market Lane, Manly

@sketchmanly located at 19 Pittwater Road, Manly

@manlywine located at 8-13 South Steyne, Manly

@vinismanly located at 1a/13 Victoria Parade, Manly 

@siloespresso located at 1/17 Sydney Road, Manly 

@frenchbasket_deewhy located at 15 The Strand, Dee Why

@fuelespresso located in Brookvale and Narrabeen

@barefootcoffeetraders located at 18 Whistler Street, Manly

With special thanks to @makeyourmarkinvestments @sprout.manly @camigoldap @eco_warrior_wife @laurenebatchelor @planetmanly and James for contributing to our listing 🙂

If you’ve also been wondering where you can take your own re-usable containers for food, check out the ideas below.

Restaurants Taking Re-usable Containers

@verdmanly located at 13 The Corso (entrance on Market Lane), Manly

@purewholefoods located at 5/10 Darley Road, Manly

@fishbowlsashimi located at 2C Darley Road, Manly

The Science

Re-use and refill systems are integral to addressing the proliferation of single-use plastics. The COVID-19 global pandemic has triggered a discussion of how to ensure the safety of reusable systems in a public health crisis. Evidence suggests that reusable systems can be used safely by employing basic hygiene.​ ​The key facts below help explain why re-usables are safe. Information below has been obtained from an article published by a list of signatories from across the world. You can read the full study here.

  • Available evidence suggests that COVID-19 is primarily spread from inhaling airborne droplets, rather than touching surfaces
  • Disposable products present similar problems to re-usable ones
  • Re-usable products are easily sanitised

You can also find a list of best practices for re-usable products in the retail space in the article.