by Chloe Brant

It’s Pollinator Week from November 12 – 19. The Manly Food Co-Operative acknowledges the importance of our unique pollinators where we encourage the community to come together to raise awareness of our bees and other insects and how pollination provides us with organic food and sustainable farming practices.

So, what is pollination?

Pollination is the process by which plants reproduce. Insects play a vital role in this process by dispersing pollen as they forage. Pollen can also be dispersed by wind and water, but animal pollinators such as insects, birds and bats are more reliable and efficient. Eden To Bee owner, Adam knows all too well the importance of bees and the benefits of organic food and farming practices.

“It’s very simple really. If we don’t have bees and insects to pollinate our flower plants and trees then there would be a massive collapse of the entire eco system that we currently enjoy.”

Why is pollination important?

Pollination by insects such as bees is vital for Australia’s crop production. One third of Australia’s food supply is crops that depend on pollination by bees.

Honey, honey jars, local honey, raw honeyThis pollination is so important because it determines plant community structures which our local farmers and suppliers rely upon to produce organic and amazingly good tasting produce for us!

Adam supplies the most delicious honey for the Manly Food Co-Operative.

“Consuming local honey will ensure your body gets the nutrients and antibodies to fight allergies and infections. Your skin will also love local fresh honey to fix cuts and infections,” Adam says.

Not only do we need a healthy pollination system to function for our crops, pollination also supports economically vital crops which provide fruit, vegetables, textile-related fibres and medical products.

What can we do? 

Show your support for amazing local producers like Adam and buy your honey and supplies from the Co-Op. Local produce such as Adam’s honey arrives within hours of being harvested… fresh and with an amazing taste!

If you want to learn more about where our local honey comes from, check out this short film by Phil Dickenson of Breath Studios where Adam talks about Eden To Bee.

About the Author Chloe Brant – An avid ocean lover and eco blogger, Chloe works in broadcast communications and felt she needed to share the message of living a more sustainable life. The Manly Food Co-Op was the perfect fit to share their local and healthy produce and waste-free thinking with the wider community.

“I volunteer writing content for the Co-Op to share my love for local produce and to learn all I can from like-minded volunteers and community members about living a sustainable life for a happy planet :)”

Bee photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash