The way I figure it, everyone is on a plastic free journey of some sort. We live in a community where we have an amazing local co-op stocking our favourite plastic free groceries. Not everyone has this luxury. The important thing for us at the Manly Co-op is to make a plastic free way of life accessible to as many people as possible.

Manly Co-op products

Plastic Free July is the perfect opportunity for everyone to reflect on how they can remove plastic from their lives. Even if all you do is note the plastic that is part of your life. The next step is to work out ways to remove it. And pick one thing you can change. Don’t make it hard, just pick one thing and stick to it. 3 years ago I picked plastic water bottles and I have not bought one since. Sometimes I’ve been thirsty but it hasn’t killed me. It doesn’t sound like much but it was a small thing and a behaviour change that I managed to stick to.

At the Manly Food Co-op we strive to provide a product range that includes the best and most affordable organic produce and groceries. We hope this helps you stick to your own plastic free goals.

Plastic Free Basics

Your Co-op stocks a range of basic pantry needs at competitive member prices. Below is the current range of Co-op Basics, with prices for members at July 1st 2020 – note that all produce is ORGANIC:

plastic free fresh fruit display
  • Apples (imperfect but perfect for juicing) – $3.75 per kg
  • Oranges (imperfect but perfect for juicing) – $1.75 per kg
  • Carrots (imperfect but perfect for juicing) – $1.25 per kg
  • Lebanese Cucumber (imperfect) – $4.25 per kg
  • Brown Onions – $3.25 per kg
  • Potatoes Sebago – $2.95 per kg
  • Red Lentils – $6.50 per kg 
  • Organic Rolled Oats – $5.95 per kg
  • Organic tinned tomatoes whole or diced – $2.25 ea
  • Country Valley Bulk Milk 1 litre – $1.95
  • Toilet paper – 85c per roll
  • Laundry liquid – $6.50 per litre
  • Dishwashing liquid – $5.95 per litre
  • Organic shampoo – $9.95 per litre

Shopping at your co-op means that all these products come without plastic. Just bring in your own containers, bags and jars and refill them every time.

There are so many ways to reduce plastic in your life once you start to notice where it appears. Start with trying to remove the TOP 4 – plastic bags, coffee cups, water bottles and straws. Hold yourself accountable and if you forget your plastic bag, carry your shopping, or come back later. Eventually you’ll start remembering more often 🙂

Check out this great blog from 1 Million Women with 9 Tips for a Successful Plastic Free July. Maybe there’s one little thing you can change that will have an impact?

Especially in this COVID-19 period it is so important that we remove plastic from our lives. There’s now an even bigger challenge with plastic PPE and sanitisation measures that are far from plastic free. So let’s each do our bit to make Plastic Free July the start of a plastic free world.

Join the Plastic Free July Challenge here.