It’s one year on from the launch of the “Save Manly Food Co-Op” campaign. An awful lot has happened since then, the latest being that the peanut butter machine finally has a hopper (thanks Colin).

After 21 years you can finally make your own peanut butter when you want. Candy and Keelah bought that machine secondhand when the Co-Op first opened. When Keelah chatted excitedly about the Co-Op’s values to the seller, he sneered that the machine would be for sale again six months later when we went under. That machine has never looked better. Just like the Co-Op.

We are always getting better thanks to the cash donations, hours volunteered and regular shopping from our members. So this week, one year on from the fundraising, we’d like to thank you all!

And by the way we’re naming our peanut butter machine “Keelah” after our founding member who, more than anyone, epitomises our values of low waste, ethical cooperative shopping. Our peanut butter machine will keep working tirelessly and make a lot of noise just to get things done. Just like its namesake. And our newly-named Keelah, just like our Co-Op one year on, refuses to keel over! 🙂

Peanut butter instructions