Monday, June 18 2018: The official rewards have ended and all winners are being contacted. But don’t despair! We will continue picking a random winner each week out of everyone who shops for at least $50 AND pays by card (EFTPOS or credit). The winner will get 25% off regular prices for the following week. So keep it up, shop with us each week and make the Co-Op your number 1 grocery destination! 🙂

To give you a bit more context, we want to encourage card usage as cash is costing us. If you pay by cash there’s a lot of work involved and we pay our lovely staff for counting up the cash each day. We no longer have an office at the back so they are more visible when counting which is less safe. And despite our best efforts there are still significant discrepancies with cash, and volunteers spend hours trying to track that. The small charge the Co-Op pays for each card transaction is much lower than the costs associated with cash. And the good news is we don’t charge you a cent for paying by card. In short, your bank card is the only form of plastic we really like no matter how small the transaction.

Is the Co-Op your number 1 destination for your grocery and sustainable gift shopping? If not, why not make it your number 1 destination? As part of our Birthday Celebrations we are launching a lovely new Member Rewards Program that rewards you for regular shopping at the Co-Op.

Shop for a minimum of $50 each week to go into the weekly draw to get 25% extra off member prices for the whole week. Everyone who shops for an average of $50 each week during the promotion period will get one shop at an extra 25% off member prices at the end of the Rewards Period (starting Monday, 16/04/2018 and ending Sunday, June 17th).

$50 is our magic number. If only 100 members spent $50 each week with us, the Co-Op would be financially sustainable and thriving (Overall we are doing better than last year thanks to you all and your commitment to the Co-Op, but there are still weeks where we make a loss despite major cost saving measures). At this stage, only about 50 of our members regularly shop for $50 or more each week and we would love to see this number steadily grow.

How can we engage you more? How can we become your number 1 grocery shopping destination? What would you like to see? New products? Less packaging? Where do we need to improve?

Let us know by speaking to our lovely staff, leaving a comment in the Feedback Book or emailing our Chairman Tyler at We’d love to hear from you.

So you know, we have a lot of initiatives in the works at the moment, a big focus is to reduce our range of pre-packaged goods by introducing packaging-free or at least plastic-free alternatives (think cheese – yum!, milk, coconut yoghurt, natural deodorant, …).

*Board members are excluded from the rewards program, so you have a good chance to win! 🙂

Congratulations to our winners:

Week 1: Joerg Lindner

Week 2: Bow + Arrow

Week 3: Louise Hall

Week 4: Laura Briggs

Week 5: Tracey Orehov

Week 6: Chris Patch

Week 7: Laura Minnebo

Week 8: Lara Dunford