We are excited to announce that the Manly Co-Op now stocks the locally made Momma Kombucha. There are three flavours available in a 270ml bottle size, the flavours are: Rooibos craft kombucha with: 

  • organic beetroot, organic ginger and organic apples
  • organic turmeric, ginger and apple
  • raspberries

Each flavour is unique, you can even add sparkling water to make a lovely and light fizzy drink. Momma’s Kombucha has a sugar content +/- 2.5-3g per 100mls and doesn’t taste nearly as sweet as many mass produced kombuchas. To spark things up a bit why not add a shot of gin to make a healthy and tasty cocktail?

Momma Kombucha’s story

Natalie is the mum of two boys from North Balgowlah. In 2017 Natalie’s eldest son was experiencing allergies and Natalie wanted to avoid him having to take daily asthma drugs. This led Natalie to discover an increasing body of evidence that asthma, anxiety and gut health are intrinsically linked. 

Natalie created a range of gut health recipes like sauerkraut, water kefirs and finally kombucha. The result was that Natalie managed to get her son off daily medication by introducing kombucha as a regular feature in the family’s diet. As a result the whole family became hooked. News then spread to their friends, and gradually the whole neighbourhood fell in love with Momma’s Kombucha.

How Momma Kombucha is made

Momma’s is made by fermenting a careful blend of Rooibos and black tea. The mix is double fermented with real fruits, roots, berries and spices for flavour. In the tradition of authentic craft Kombucha, Momma’s is 100% real and alive. Each bottle is teeming with healthy bacteria and will form a new SCOBY over time. 

This differentiates Momma from many store bought brands which optimise for shelf-life over your life. Momma Kombucha is brewed in small batches and bottled by hand. Each bottle and jar is carefully put together for you to enjoy. Momma’s is hand-crafted and made from over 96% Australian ingredients. Food-grade stainless steel and glass is used from fermentation to bottling. All bottles and jars returned to Momma’s are washed and reused as we work towards a circular economy.

Momma Kombucha
Momma Kombucha 270ml bottles

Facts about Momma Kombucha

  • Fermented in italian stainless steel fermentation pots
  • Bottles can be returned for re-use
  • Off cuts are composted
  • Soft plastics and paper are recycled
  • We try to use as much locally grown fruits, roots and berries

Momma’s kombucha is fermented for 6-8 weeks. It has a pH of 2.4-2.5. and sugar of +/- 2.5-3g per 100mls.

Momma Kombucha Awards

At the end of September Momma Kombucha entered The Sydney Royal fine food show for the first time and took home 3 Medals; 2 bronze and 1 silver.

The 270ml bottles are available at $5.85 (member price) and if you return the empty bottles we will pass them back to Natalie to be refilled.  We are excited about this new product and will work with Natalie to improve access and product options in the future.