Are you in need of a sweet treat or ingredient?  Look no further than your Co-op, where we stock delicious honeys from not one, not two, but three local producers.

One of our bulk honey suppliers is MidCoast Honey, located in Elands, NSW. MidCoast Honey is a family operated business that owner Pete Matthison began 13 years ago.

The Midcoast bees are Italian bees bred by Greg Mulder from Mulder Apiaries. These bees are calm and active, collecting nectar and pollen throughout the year. The bees are kept in extra wide frame boxes, which has been found optimal for bee health and keeper access.

Hives are distributed in a series of small sites within a 200 km radius of home base, primarily on pristine State Forest and National Parks Forests, areas free from herbicides, pesticides and contaminants.

The bees never forage near large scale agriculture or farms which have crops which use chemicals. Keeping only 20-30 hives per apiary site ensures that the bees have plenty of nutrition.

Ironbark forest with beekeeper attending hive
Honey extraction process

MidCoast produces several types of honey.  Our Co-op stocks Ironbark Honey, which in summer is collected with White Mahogany, Greygum, Brushbox, Bloodwood and other local Eucalypt honeys.  Different types of honey are produced at different times of the year.

Honey is extracted at room temperature, which is the method least disruptive to the healthy bees as possible.

During processing, the honey is only coarsely filtered, and then gravity is used to settle the honey and wax before it is transferred to storage tanks. The honey is not heated excessively, with the goal being to produce 100% raw, natural bush honey.

Over time, the business has expanded by splitting hives and adding new queens, usually in spring.

Sadly, like most beekeeping operations, MidCoast Honey has been affected by the varroa mite outbreak.   Hives were required to be in lockdown and many hives had to be burned in accordance with Government requirements.

It has taken a year to recover, but owner Pete is looking forward to the future.

As well as staying free of the varroa mite, in the future Pete plans to increase production and supply of Manuka honey, and hopes that he can supply this premium product at an affordable price to our Coop in the future!

Beekeeper in white suit inspects beehive frame for honey

 In the meantime, fill up a jar with delicious MidCoast Ironbark honey and enjoy!