While summer may officially be at an end, you can still purchase peak season grape and gourmet organic tomatoes at your Co-op, supplied by Green Camel Organic Produce!

About Green Camel

Green Camel is located in the Macarthur Region near the semi-rural town of Cobbity, about 60 kilometres southwest of the Sydney CBD. Adam Steel founded the company back in 2010 with the objective of disrupting conventional farming methods that are land-hungry and wasteful. He planned to find a better way to produce food.

Adam from Green Camel

Working with Adam are a diverse team of experts in technology, aquaculture and agronomy. Green Camel has a relationship with the University of Sydney, which supports on-going Research and Development for continuing improvements.

The Green Camel system

Green Camel has developed an organic glasshouse production system which is highly sustainable. It uses less water, less labour and less energy than traditional growing methods. Rainwater capture provides most of the water at the farm. And the system is certified organic; it does not require synthetic fertilisers or pesticides.

The system that Green Camel developed is aquaponic: a fusion of aquaculture and hydroponics. A hydroponic system raises crops in water without soil but requires the addition of fertiliser. However, aquaponics uses the water used to raise fish to fertilise the crops.

Green Camel chose to raise freshwater barramundi at their facility and now supply restaurants across Sydney.

tomatoes on the vine

Their techniques result in decreased environmental impacts with zero effluent, zero run off and zero farm waste. The glasshouses are on tiny sites covering less than a hectare of land which can be replicated globally, whatever the soil quality.

And what to do with these fantastic tomatoes?

They are indeed a versatile product!

You can of course enjoy fresh organic tomatoes in salads and sandwiches.  They can be cooked lightly in our Grampians Olive Co. olive oil with garlic and your choice of fresh or dried herbs to make a beautiful pasta sauce. Or they can be included in sauces, soups, casseroles and curries.

gazpacho soup with tomatoes and capsicum in the background

You might remember our refreshing gazpacho recipe from earlier this year. This dish converts the simple ingredients of ripe tomatoes, cucumber and capsicum into a delicious cool summer soup. Or our truly memorable baked risotto with herb salsa.

Both recipes are perfect ways to make the most of these beautiful organic tomatoes.

Pick up some cherry or gourmet tomatoes next time you are in the Co-op, and enjoy them knowing that they have been raised at a truly ground-breaking and sustainable farm!