Our first member event took place last night and it was nothing short of inspirational… actually make that refreshing and inspirational. Co-Founders of our favourite Wild Kombucha (on tap at the Co-Op) Matt and Lara were charming and humble as they shared their story with us, as well as 2 specially made brews just for the evening.

It was so interesting to hear about Matt and Lara’s experiences that lead them to taking the plunge and starting their own business making the ancient brew. With Matt’s experience and knowledge as a doctor and Lara’s creative background the couple really have married the art and science required to make it all work.

After learning about their story, the audience was filled with questions about Kombucha’s claimed health benefits and many home brewing tips. So much was shared and the highlight was a wonderful tasting of 2 specially brewed Kombucha flavours.

Conversation flowed and it was hard to stop! After a few more tasters, accompanied by some yummy Co-Op treats, we had to wrap it up. Feedback from the guests was fantastic. The night was light, refreshing and very inspiring!

Kombucha Evening 2

Wild Kombucha is available on tap in the Co-Op 7 days a week. Simply bring your own bottle or buy one of ours in store. Next time you’re visiting the Inner West, visit Wild Kombucha’s Collabatory; An initiative conceived by Ballsy Brewing, providing a space to support local makers & explore the concepts of natural health, conscious living and awareness of community.

A massive thank you to Matt and Lara for your time and to all of our members who joined us for the event. Thank you to our volunteers Natasha and Lucy. We’re already looking forward to the next Co-Op Member Event … if you have any ideas for potential Co-Op Member events, contact events@manlyfoodcoop.org