Enjoy Kombucha any day of the week. Now on tap at the Manly Food Co-Op!

Wild Kombucha re-usable bottles are available in 750ml, 500ml and 300ml sizes. The Co-Op is currently the only location on the Northern Beaches with Wild Kombucha on tap. A HUGE THANKS to Anouk Lee for making this happen.

For the uninitiated… In the words of Wild Kombucha…

Kombucha is a naturally energizing and detoxifying living drink produced by the aerobic fermentation of green and black tea and organic raw cane sugar. A symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (known as a ‘SCOBY’) converts the sugars into a range of organic acids and produces mild carbonation, resulting in a delicious brew that has been drunk for centuries in Eastern Europe, Russia, China & Japan and has been referred to as ‘The Tea of Immortality’ for its health benefits.