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Being a Co-Operative means that we are owned and run jointly by our members, who share in the benefits of the business

To become a part of our family you can sign up as a member to receive discounts every time you shop! Or volunteer your free time to helping out at the co-op in your own way to accumulate discounts.

Manly Co-op Volunteers & Members


Being a Co-operative means that we are owned and operated by our members, who share in the benefits of the business. You can become a member or renew your membership in-store easily.

Members enjoy 10%

Receive 10% off all products and every shop!

As a member you have voting rights,

you are also welcome to volunteer your time and get in return energy points which will give you additional discounts off your shopping. 


Membership cost is $5 (incl. GST), paid annually.


For every hour that you volunteer your time (either working in the shop or on other Co-op projects), you receive 1 energy point. 2 energy points entitles you to a shop at an additional 10% off member prices. So if you volunteer 2 hours a week, you can do your weekly shop at 20%* off!

Volunteers enjoy 20% 

*Includes 10% member discount and an additional 10% discount for volunteer work. Your energy points accumulate, so you can bank them up and use them as you need them.

Volunteer roles

Marketing, Events, Content Writing & Social Media

Accounting and Law

HR & Administration

Carpentry, Handy Man, Plumbing & Electrical

Zero Waste, Composting & Recycling

Volunteers make up the majority of the team that keep the Co-op thriving. Volunteers are the glue that keeps the Co-op together and our community alive.

Why we value our volunteers

Our community relies on the Co-op to consistently offer a valuable alternative to mainstream supermarket shopping. By committing to volunteer with the Co-op, you not only support us to be able to provide ethically sourced organic products at a reasonable price, you’re helping to ensure that the Co-op remains open. And that’s a good thing for everyone, and especially our planet.

What will I be doing when I volunteer

The Manly Food Co-op relies on volunteers for running all parts of the business. Primarily we need volunteers to help out in the shop, but there are also many other roles in marketing, ordering, accounting, waste management …

Shop Volunteers assist staff members to help keep the Co-op running as smoothly as possible. On a typical shift, you may spend your time:

  • Filling up containers and re-stocking
  • Cleaning and helping to keep the shop tidy
  • Welcoming and assisting customers with their shopping
  • Educating customers about “how to shop Co-op”
Why volunteer

Volunteering at the Co-op is a fantastic way to save money, meet like-minded locals and learn about our products and the business

  • Develop new skills
  • Connect with your community and make it a better place
  • Be part of a business creating positive change
  • Earn energy points that save an additional 10% on your shopping
What commitment is required

We welcome everyone who wants to volunteer, no matter what their availability is. But to make it relevant and enjoyable you should be able to commit to a minimum of 3 hours per month. This ensures that you get the most out of the experience and also that the time we invest in training you is well spent.

Many volunteers offer more time than this and we’re sure you’ll find that you will get a lot out of the experience, in addition to the extra discounts off shopping that you’ll receive!

Every 2 hours that you volunteer entitles you to a shop at an additional 10% off member prices.  Learn more about Energy Points.




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