Handmade in The Northern Rivers of NSW, Sun & Earth Natural Zinc provides a natural sun protective barrier without chemicals.

One of the most natural and simplest sunscreens on the market today, Sun & Earth Natural Zinc attributes it delicious chocolaty scent to natural cocao powder and nourishing cocoa butter. Using non-nano zinc oxide as a protective barrier, this natural zinc is a perfect natural alternative to other sometimes chemical laden zinc creams on the market.

When applied generously to the face, Sun & Earth Natural Zinc replaces your standard white zinc, the base of natural beeswax and coconut oil allows this natural sunscreen to remain in place during swimming or sports in summer and is the perfect swim and surf sunscreen.

The natural cocoa powder gives this product a rich natural earthy colour and if applied sparingly, Sun & Earth Natural Zinc makes a great natural sunscreen with a warm tint of colour. Also, if applied in this way, women can use this product under makeup for additional sun protection and makes a nice base for applying mineral foundation.

This natural sunscreen does not have an official ‘sun protective factor’ rating yet, they are currently going through the lengthy certification process, which is so far showing early results of SPF 30+. For those with super sensitive skin we suggest using your best judgment when using this product on a hot sunny day.

Ingredients: zinc oxide, beeswax, coconut oil, cocao butter, olive oil, cocao powder.