We actively encourage the use of masks when you shop at Manly Food Co-op. Like most grocery stores, it’s very hard to socially distance when shopping at your Co-op. Wearing a mask adds an extra element of safety for everyone.

As a zero waste advocate we also strongly encourage everyone to purchase a re-usable mask. We have a range in store, some home-made, some from local suppliers, but all can be washed and re-used. Prices start at $11.95 for members.

home made masks

Generally speaking the advice is to wear a mask only once and then wash it if it’s re-usable. An alternative is that you can store your mask in a container of some description for around 5* days and then re-use your mask. If you have several masks in rotation this can work quite well. It is also worth noting that home made masks are not tested to the same standards as specifically manufactured Personal Protective Equipment. The advice here has been informed by a detailed article from the US National Library for Medicine, you can read the detailed paper here.

For a more readable version you can also read this article on Yahoo News.

How to Tie Your ‘Keelah’ Mask

Keelah’s brightly coloured masks have been a huge hit and Keelah and her sewing team continue to keep our stock of masks up as fast as they can. If you’ve wondered how best to wear and tie your mask, here is a quick guide:

  1. To give your mask shape pull the loose ties
  2. Put over head with loose ties at top and fixed ties at the base of your neck
  3. Pull and tie up as tightly as you like

Tips for Re-using Masks

If you are using disposable masks, it is also possible to re-use them if you follow these guidelines:

  • do not touch your mask directly or you risk contamination
  • always remove your mask by the elastic ear pieces or side ties
  • do not use disinfectant or other substances to sterilise your mask
  • after using your mask, place in a clean container or bag and keep for 5 days* before wearing again
masks - animal patterns

You can find masks in store at the register where you check out. Please make sure you use tongs if you’d like to look through the designs 🙂

Your Manly Food Co-op is continually striving to make a Covid-safe environment. Please help us in any way you can. You can read more about what we’re doing here.

*See more information in this article.