We are so excited to launch our own app! And we believe we are the first food co-op to have an app in Australia!

Head over to mfcapp.org to use it on your phone. No need to download anything, you can use it straight away.

So what’s so good about our app? You can:

  • Create a Shopping List
  • Browse Our Products
  • Get Inspired by Our Recipe

Especially the shopping list feature should make your shopping a breeze as you can add products whenever you think of them (the app will remember until the next time you use it), learn more about our products and check what we have in stock. You can also send your shopping list to the checkout, reducing the amount of time waiting at the till until our lovely staff have checked things through.

You can also access product descriptions and recipes linked to our products. Our recipes are linked to our product database and you can add the items you need straight to your shopping list.

Check out our detailed demo video and let us know what you think! Don’t forget you’ll find our app at mfcapp.org (Please use the Feedback link in the app)

A big thank you to Magennis for creating and fine tuning the app to make everyone’s life so much easier! 🙂

Also if you have great recipes using Co-Op products that you want to share with our community, please get in touch by emailing marketing(at)manlyfoodcoop.org.