Gift ideas can be a struggle for anyone living a busy life and juggling 101 different tasks in the lead up towards Christmas.  We’re here to help you live a zero waste lifestyle, including at Christmas. 

When it comes to thinking about Christmas gifts, the Co-Op might not be your first thought. Think again though, we have some really good ideas for gifts that are useful AND have the environment at their heart. Gifts are also a great way to introduce new ideas to your friends who may not be as eco-conscious as you are.

Gift Ideas for Teachers

For something cheap, cheerful, practical and lovely why don’t you combine one of our natural soaps with a Good Samaritans bag? Combine the two and then use leftover ribbons and paper, or just use some twine or string to wrap it up. Pretty as a picture with a total cost ranging from $6.95 for members. Or add a shampoo bar for $7.95 (member price) to make a really pretty package.

bamboo cutlery set

We have a range of re-usable crockery and cutlery at the Co-op to suit any budget. Check out these cute little bamboo cutlery bundles at only $7.95 for members. They come in their own little bag that doubles as wrapping too. You could add a little bow to jazz it up but really, these are quite cute on their own. 

beauty gift ideas

Our Base Alchemy range of beauty products make a luxurious gift and suit all skin types. Come in and test the products, they not only look beautiful but they feel and smell divine. Base Alchemy products range from $9.95 for a makeup brush, $26.95 for the Freedom cleanser and $49.95 for facial oils (member prices).

raw dark chocolate

On the food side, try our extensive range of organic chocolates and vegan sweets. Our sweet treats have developed quite the reputation as some of the best on the Beaches! Grab a fancy jar from home and fill it with one of our many choices. There is a flavour to suit every sweet tooth. 

Gift Ideas for Sending Overseas

Our Beeswax wrappers are a perfect option for sending overseas. Light weight and brightly coloured, they will be received with thanks from your friends and family far away. We have a range of sizes and colours starting at around $15 for members.

ziplock bags beeswax wrap

HoneyBee Beeswax food wraps (from $14.95 member price) are the perfect alternative to cling wrap – they are beautiful and keep your food fresh. Our Silicone Ziplock Bags (only $7.10) are space-saving and dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. And they can be re-used over and over again.

Hemp Bags

Manly Food Co-Op branded hemp produce bags (from $5.95) from the Hemp Gallery are locally made from sustainable hemp and organic cotton. They are perfect for produce, but also double as gift wrapping. We now also have bread bags made from recycled table cloth.

We have a wide selection of Boomerang bags now available in a range of sizes. These gorgeous bags make beautiful gifts or can also be used as wrapping – see our eco Christmas wrapping article here.

Produce Bags

We also have a variety of other Reusable Produce and other Bags from EcoEver (from $17.95). There are different varieties made from either recycled PET drinking bottles or organic cotton as well as net tote bags. They are light and don’t take up much space in your bag, so are easy to carry with you at all times.

dog and cat dishcloths

Check out our cute little dishcloths for dog and cat lovers. These dishcloths are fully biodegradable and weigh virtually nothing. At only $6.50 for members this is a great gift idea on its own, or to include as part of a hamper. 

Create Your Own Hamper

Combine a Bento box with a cutlery set for a complete re-useable option for those who don’t want to contribute to the vast amount of waste generated from take away food. A great idea for university students or those flat sharing!

Or any combination of the above. And if you’re looking for creative ideas to wrap presents, check out our eco Christmas wrapping guide.

You can read about some other Christmas gift ideas here.