Interested in gut health? Join us for an insightful and inspiring talk on how you can improve your wellbeing through slight changes to your food and lifestyle. Joshua from JCD Potential will share his own personal journey towards health, some important insights about the gut-brain connection, as well as the concepts of damage and repair. You’ll also be treated to a nourishing food demonstration. As we head into Winter, this is a talk not to be missed!

Manly Food Co-Operatve

Member Exclusive Educational Session


Manly Food Co-Operative

Thursday 30th June, 7.00pm

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Joshua is a fitness professional specialising in a holistic approach to pain free efficient movement and an increased quality of life. He runs workshops throughout Australia and operates his practice at Place of Chi. He is also an active manly Food Co-Operative member and volunteer. Visit JCD Potential’s website for more information.