We’ve partnered with ReCollect to raise funds by collecting 10c containers! If your family buys drinks in 10c containers and they usually go into your yellow bin, please consider signing up for the collection service by ReCollect and donating the proceeds to the Co-op.

ReCollect began to make recycling easy. They provide a streamlined and effortless way to recycle not just cans, but also electronics, phones and clothing. You don’t even need to leave home! ReCollect now have recycling facilities all over Australia, so you can still donate if you aren’t living near the Co-op but want to support our mission.

You can organise the pick ups from your place on a schedule that suits you – every two, four, eight or twelve weeks. You can change the pick up days anytime within the app if you find that you’ve got more or less containers than you though you would.

And you don’t need to be home when they are picked up. Just label your bags or boxes with your individual code (provided by ReCollect when you sign up) and then leave them in a safe place outside.

Just get the ReCollect app here and start collecting!

It’s easy to donate the funds that you raise to the Co-op – just select the option within the ReCollect app.

If you have just a few cans and it’s not worth organising a pick up, you can drop them off at the shop and we’ll send them to ReCollect.