About Us

Who we are:

Manly Food Co-operative is a community-owned not-for-profit business providing organic, bulk, waste-free shopping as an alternative to mainstream supermarkets. Our guiding principles are:

  1. To offer reasonably priced fresh, and where possible, organic products
  2. Wherever possible providing bulk food and zero waste products 
  3. We are open to the public, but anyone can buy a share and become a co-owner of the business. In return for a $5 membership fee a co-owner (member) is entitled to a 10% discount on all goods purchased

Members are encouraged to volunteer their time and expertise and become actively involved in the daily running of the store. Those members are rewarded with a further substantial discount on purchases (see “How We Work” below).

Our goals:

  1. to make available at reasonable cost high, quality food and other goods
  2. offer the best health option food possible, that is, organic or biodynamic; and if that is not available, offer the next best thing e.g. chemical-free
  3. offer food that has been produced with environmental sensitivity
  4. purchase in bulk, thus offering customers the best price available on goods
  5. avoid waste created by over-packaging by encouraging customers to re-use jars, bags and containers
  6. be a part of our local community and offer service in an old-fashioned, personal way
  7. be an active participant in events that help raise awareness of environmental issues

How we work:

Anyone may purchase goods from the co-operative, however, membership entitles the member to a 10% discount on all products. To become a member, a $5 membership fee is paid.

Members who contribute their time and skill are entitled, via a system of “Energy Points” to a discount on all purchases. Each hour of work entitles a member to one Energy Point. 3 Energy Points entitles the member to shop at the co-op for an additional 10% discount. Members who regularly volunteer may become ‘Super Volunteers’ and will receive a total of 25% off their Co-op shopping.

The co-op depends on volunteers to remain viable. Volunteers perform a wide range of tasks such as composting, database management, organising events, rubbish removal, washing tea-towels and general work in the shop.

Amongst the Co-op’s vast membership there is a great range of extraordinary skills. If you have abilities in any area which might help the Co-op, please come forward and get involved in the day-to-day running of our shop, or join the Board and assist with the long-term management of our not-for-profit membership-based community organisation.

If you are interested in becoming a general volunteer, please contact our volunteering@manlyfoodcoop.org.

If you have graphic design, journalistic, or marketing skills we invite you to join our marketing team, please email marketing@manlyfoodcoop.org.

Our Structure:

The Co-op is required to follow a strict set of rules. At the Annual General Meeting each year, up to 8 members are elected to the Board. Directors are elected for a period of 2 years, with half the Board retiring each year.

The Board is responsible for the financial and legal affairs of the co-op, general management and overall policy. They meet monthly and are required to keep minutes of meetings.