These coconut yoghurt smoothie ideas will drive you cocoa nuts! Enjoy these great recipe ideas from Jen @caterzingfresh.

Whenever serving at the Co op, I love to share my ideas on ways to use the products people are purchasing. Recently, I shared how amazing the combination of beetroot smoothie and chocolate activated buckinis is with coconut yoghurt. I successfully inspired the customer, and on this occasion, he reciprocated by sharing his favourite coconut yoghurt combo blend. 

Banana! Face palm…..of course! Banana and coconut go together brilliantly! Add chocolate to the mix and you’ve got yourself another match made in heaven! Our activated chocolate buckinis contain coconut nectar & coconut shavings too, which further explains this great combination.

So, help yourself to both of these ideas for a supreme breakfast or snack, compliments of us. Actually make it three ideas, by combining beetroot AND banana TOGETHER with coconut yoghurt. This mix can be served as either a breakfast bowl or blended as a slurpable smoothie (with a glass, metal or bamboo straw of course). 

Ingredients for Coconut Smoothie

  • One small banana (frozen banana  if you like a cold bowl, especially in warmer months)
  • Half a small beetroot (grated if using an appliance without a lot of horse power or diced roughly for powerful machines). If you prefer, you may use 1 teaspoon of beetroot powder instead of fresh beetroot
  • 1/4 cup of rolled oats (these are a great way of making your smoothies thicker. They also add fibre and a little texture)
  • 50 to100  mls of Kubu coconut yoghurt (your call guided by the taste and thickness you prefer). Use natural or banana flavour depending on whether or not you’d like to go bananas
  • Depending on your mix and machine, you may need to add a small amount of water to get the blades turning

To make your Coconut Smoothie

Blend all ingredients together in a nutri-bullet, food processor / blender or thermomix until all ingredients are pureed. Simply pour into bowl,  smother with 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of chocolate activated buckinis & enjoy.

If you prefer this as a smoothie, add 1/2 a cup of coconut water before blending. Poor into smoothie mug. This is the perfect recipe for breakfast on the go by pouring into your keep cup. Before you race out the door, don’t forget to top with a handful of chocolate activated buckinis and grab a spoon. 

COST around $5.50 give or take (depending on options of fruits and coconut water) for NON members.

Other Great Uses for Coconut Yoghurt

All Kubu flavours are great so interchange your flavours (passionfruit, blueberry, vanilla) with Co-Op assorted mueslis/grains. Maple nut crunch is great with vanilla or banana and I would combine blueberry with raw or Bobby’s muesli or a blander grain mix like our ABC raw nut mix, omega seed mix or caramelised buckinis or steel cut oats, pepitas and sunflower seeds for example.

Apart from breakfast, coconut yoghurt is a sensational vegan & all round healthier substitute for:

  • sour cream used in cooking or as a topping on meals like nachos/tacos
  • ice cream for dessert. Again, mixing options are endless….

This recipe is a creation by Jennifer Sargent from Zing Fresh, using only organic ingredients that are all available at your Co-op. 🙂