The Co-op Tour

We are a special shop, and we take some getting used to 🙂

We want you to feel at home at your Co-op and learn your way around to make your shopping experience the best it can be.

Initially it might take you longer to do a Co-op shop, but once you have your jars weighed, and you learn your way around the store, you’ll find that it doesn’t take much longer than shopping at a ‘normal’ supermarket.

Checkout our Manly Co-op Virtual Tour Video below to assist you on your daily shop.

We would like to thank Itchy Feet Digital for taking some fantastic footage for us recently.

The Co-op in 22 Steps

Co-op floor plan
  1. Sanitise on entry (or wash your hands at 5) 
  2. Pick up a basket on your way in
  3. Fill up on free water and weigh your jars
  4. Make your own peanut butter
  5. Fill up on laundry liquids *top tip* click the white button in the middle of the shelves after you start dispensing and you’ll get a faster flow! 
  6. Wash your hands with soap and water and dry with a towel from the shelf to your left. There are also towels here to mop up any spills
  7. Leave your clean jars here and we’ll sanitise them for re-use
  8. Fill up on choccies and treats, look down for potatoes and other veggies
  9. Fill up on oils, vinegars and more
  10. Pick up your favourite condiments, tinned products and fill up on flour, salt and other basics
  11. Browse our fresh produce fridge for fruit like fresh dates and berries (when in season) and farm fresh veggies
  12. Grab a cold drink to quench your thirst, or find almond meal, falafels and more
  13. Dairy and Vegan products including bulk milk
  14. Herbs, spices, coffee, tea up high, grains, nuts and more down low
  15. Display window 
  16. Check out register 1. To speed up your check out write down your product codes or say product name first and then the weight of your jar/container
  17. Check out register 2
  18. Free sanitised jars for you to use
  19. Scales for weighing, marker pens to write your jar weight, clean scoops, spoons and tongs. Dirty scoop buckets are at ground level
  20. Fruit and veg display
  21. Eco-friendly products
  22. Fruit and veg display
  • Please be careful picking up containers/drums/or anything that might cause strain. Ask for help from a staff member or volunteer if you need it. 
  • Please watch for any slip hazards (spilt liquids etc) use the hand towels/rags provided (6) to mop up any mess you see. 
  • If a product is very low or has run out, please advise a staff member (green apron) or volunteer (other apron) 

We look forward to seeing you in store. And don’t forget to ask our friendly staff (green aprons) or volunteers (other colour aprons) for any help if you need it 🙂