Christmas gift ideas can be tricky at the best of times, but especially if you’re:

  • a) on a budget
  • b) trying to be planet friendly

Our clever staff and volunteers have been busy making up a super selection of Christmas gift ideas to cover a range of budgets. Pop in to see our gifts that have been hand made with love. You’ll find the ideal gift idea for teachers, colleagues and even your nearest and dearest.

A Christmas Gift of Divine Smells

soap bundles

Our soap range knows no bounds. We have a mix of small soap stacks ($10.50), large soap stacks ($17.25) and the gorgeous Soaps by Heather made in the Blue Mountains ($15.89). All look pretty, smell amazing and are assured to be used in someone’s home, even if it’s just for good looks 🙂

Foodie Ideas

chocolate strawberries

DIY dukkah that looks and smells divine. Sure. Chocolate covered strawberries. Even better. $12.95 each. DIY Dukkah is a jar of raw seeds spices and nuts. Take home a jar, toast the contents in a pan for less than a minute, then grind (in mortar and pestle or other) to a coarse texture. Voila! Keep in jar to sprinkle over soups, salads, vegetables, avo on toast, eggs…… so many delicious ways to dukkah!

co-op dukkah

This recipe is a creation by Jennifer Sargent from Zing Fresh, using only organic ingredients that are all available at your Co-op. 🙂

Christmas Gift Cards and Memberships

christmas gift card

We have two sets of home-made Christmas cards. For $5 you can buy a Co-op membership that includes a hand drawn card by Sarah C. And for $2.97 (member price) you can buy hand made Christmas cards by one of our volunteers, Mathilde from The Endless Coconut. All cards are plastic free and locally made.

Recycled Wine Bottles Turned into Candles

christmas gift candles

Mojo candles are made from recycled wine bottles, scented soy candles in two sizes. Small candles are $21.95 and large candles are $35.25.

All prices quoted are member prices – but it’s only $5 to become a member for one year and that gives you 10% off all your Co-op purchases!

Come in store today and see our entire range of gift ideas, organic fruit and veg and of course come and make your own fantastic peanut butter! We look forward to welcoming you in the store.