By Yvonne Pflieger

Have you started your Christmas planning yet? Need some inspiration on what to get for your loved ones, friends, colleagues, your kid’s teachers? Don’t despair, we have you covered! Especially when you are looking for a thoughtful gift that is environmentally sustainable, good for our planet and your health. Check out our Christmas Gift Guide Co-op Style. ๐Ÿ™‚

To make it easier for you our lovely volunteers have created gift packs that are ready to go. They all come in our reusable Manly Food Co-Op branded hemp bags, decorated with a red ribbon. No further wrapping needed.

* Waste Free Gift Packย  – Keep Cup for $69.95: includes a 8oz Keep Cup, 2 x stainless steel drinking straws with brush, 1 Large Honey Bee Food Wrap and our Co-Op Cloth Bag

* Waste Free Gift Pack โ€“ Bento Snack Box for $64.95: includes a Bento Snack Box, 2 stainless steel drinking straws with brush, 1 Large Honey Bee Food Wrap and our Co-Op cloth bag

* Waste Free Gift Pack โ€“ Body Wellness for $49.95: includes a Yarra Valley Natural Soap, Hand Cream from Skinmade, a Face Cloth from Hemp Gallery, a Safix Scrub Pad for your feet and body and our Co-Op cloth bag

* Wasteย  Free Gift Pack โ€“ Honey & Tea for $28.95: includes a 400ml Jar of local raw Honey, a 300ml Jar of Daintree Tea, a Tea Infuser and our Co-Op cloth bag

Or create your own. ๐Ÿ™‚

Gift Packs
Bento box gift pack
KeepCup Gift Pack
Body Wellness Gift Pack
Tea Honey Gift Pack

Check out our gift ideas that don’t cost the earth (pun intended). All these are available for $20 or under and make great stocking fillers.

For the Foodies:

Beautiful vegan chocolates from Alter Eco – Always fair trade, organic and non-GMO and the wrapper is compostable

Delicious raw vegan chocolate from Lovingearth – Healthy, Sustainable, Fair (and comes in compostable packaging too)

Local raw honey from Eden to Bee, all harvested in the Manly area, so good for you

Mixed Nuts and other treats in our lovely re-usable jars

Or why not make up a jar of mixed spices or tea for your loved ones yourself? We will also have little tea packs ready soon containing a jar of tea, honey and a strainer, packed into one of our lovely hemp produce bags.

Lovingearth Chocolate
Lovingearth Chocolate
Raw honey
Mixed Nuts

If you want to encourage someone to live more sustainably and work towards Zero Waste:

(Single) HoneyBee Beeswax food wraps are the alternative to cling wrap – they are beautiful and keep your food fresh

Stainless Steel Straws from EcoEver – Don’t ever get caught out when ordering a smoothie or cocktail, easy to carry and to clean (they come with a little brush) and make it so easy to refuse single-use plastic straws

Manly Food Co-op branded hemp produce bags from the Hemp Gallery – locally made from sustainable hemp and organic cotton, perfect for produce, but also as gift wrapping

Reusable Produce Bags from EcoEver – Made of recycled PET drinking bottles

Beeswax wraps
Stainless steel straws
Produce Bag
produce bag

For the Natural Beauty conscious:

Select an essential oil out of our wide range. Should it be basil, spearmint or lemon myrtle just to name a few?

Our all natural soaps made in Australia are vegan and contain NO palm oil. Oh, they smell so good! ๐Ÿ™‚

And if you canโ€™t decide, we offer gift vouchers to any value. Or why not buy a ticket for our Christmas Raffle for the chance to win a shopping voucher of up to $1,000?

So many options already and there is much, much more. Stay tuned for more inspiration over the next few weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚

Essential Oils
Christmas Raffle

Feature Image courtesy of Mira on Unsplash

The Steel Straw and Beeswax Wrap photos have kindly been taken by Ariela Plaza Phtography