Cheeky Pea Falafel balls are one of our best sellers at the Co-op. The week beginning 5 November 2020 will feature our falafels as Product of the Week and means they’re priced at 25% off – bringing them down to 92 cents each! This is also a good opportunity for us to share a little bit about Cheeky Pea as well as the Falafel ingredients and some serving suggestions. Let’s spice it up!

Cheeky Pea is a boutique food company that specialises in fresh Falafel mix, Falafel balls & dips. They work with Sydney’s leading restaurants, catering companies, deli’s and coffee shops. Cheeky Pea falafels are made from nothing but Chickpeas, Mediterranean spices & fresh herbs. As a result, they are guaranteed to delight your taste buds with flavourful bites of crunchy cheeky falafel balls! The Cheeky Pea recipe is unique but consistent so you know you will always get that same cheeky experience. Cheeky Pea falafels are also gluten free!

Our FalafeLosophy:

cheeky pea falafel
  • Made to order.
  • Our Balls will stay delicious even when served cold. 
  • If you are not going to eat them tonight or tomorrow then you should feel free to keep them in the freezer for up to 3 months. That way, they will keep their freshness when you warm them up. 
  • Sealed with a smile and served with cheekiness 🙂 
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Falafel Ingredients List
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What can you make with falafel?


  • Mediterranean sandwich – falafel, roasted capsicums, hummus, olive paste and tabouli with tahini dressing.
  • Moroccan Falafel sandwich – falafel, marinated eggplant, kefalograviera (cheese), harissa, hummus and rocket.
  • Nutritious one – falafel, harissa, avocado, fresh tomato and rocket with minty yogurt or tzatziki.  
  • Falafel burger – falafel, haloumi, zucchini, eggplant, mushroom, avocado, rocket, hummus and garlic mayo sauce.


  • Roasted Vegetable & Falafel Salad – rocket, quinoa or brown rice, pesto, crispy haloumi or blue cheese, served with lemon.
  • Pulled Falafel Salad – cucumber, tomato, capsicum, shallots, lettuce, rocket and lemon zest with pulled falafel (pieces of falafel), served with tahini dressing.
  • Israeli Falafel Salad – pearl couscous, cucumber, tomato, capsicum, red onion, parsley, mix leaf, falafel balls, served with tahini dressing or vinaigrette.

Cheese & Nibbles Platter 

Add falafel balls to any cheese platter or grazing table. For instance with your friends on the weekend, during wine o’clock at the office or for your upcoming Xmas buffet.

falafel salad

Check out the Cheeky Pea website for more information.