Organic Bulk Milk is here! Bring your own bottles or containers to fill up on the delicious Country Valley Milk, owned by the Fairley family for over 150 years.

For the rest of July (and maybe longer) we have an introductory offer of only $1.75 for members and $1.95 for non-members per litre!

ContainersThis organic milk is farmed in Moss Vale and Nowra on fully certified organic farms without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemicals. Their factory is fully certified by Australian Certified Organics to process organic milk.
Best to bring a wide neck bottle or container or use one of our jars. We are so excited because this means less food waste (only fill up as much or as little as you need) and less packaging.

We would have loved to get milk delivered the old-school way in European-style metal milk cans, but this is not possible in Australia. Organic Valley Milk comes in thin 10 l plastic bags that we decant into our dispenser. While the bag is single-use, it is RedCyclable and only makes up about 10% of the usual waste generated by milk cartons or plastic bottles. This makes us happy as we can reduce the waste we create further, and hopefully this makes you happy, too!

So don’t wait and try it for yourself! Happy re-filling!