The holidays are almost over and it is time to get your kids back to school. We thought we’d make this time easier for you by running a back to school giveaway!

Equipping your kids with a healthy and sustainable lunch is not always easy. How do you ensure that your children eat something healthy each day? And how do you pack their lunch so it is good for the environment, too? We love seeing more and more parents and schools focusing on ‘naked lunch boxes’, a trend that encourages everyone to use reusable rather than disposable packaging. What do you do about your kid’s lunchbox?

We’d love to hear your ideas and tips and share with our community members. To make it worth your while, we are giving away a beautiful, brand new lunchbox, courtesy of Love Mae who have kindly gifted this one for our competition (the prize has a value of $35.95).

What do you need to do? Share your best healthy and packaging-free lunchbox idea with us. This could be a recipe that your kids love, an idea on how to keep the lunchbox contents cold sustainably, tips on how to shop for your kids lunches, … Just make sure that your entry speaks to a zero waste approach and is healthy and not processed.

How can you enter? You have 3 options:

  • Email your idea (ideally including a photo) to
  • Share your ideas on our Facebook page or respond to this post or private message us if you prefer
  • Share your ideas on our Instagram post or private message us if you prefer

By entering through one of the options above, you are giving us the right to share these tips with our community (including any photos you share) through our Facebook, Instagram, website and in our weekly newsletter. The board of the Manly Food Co-Op will select the winner with the most creative and environmentally sustainable idea out of all entries. Enter now, the competition is only open until Sunday, February 11!

lunchboxLove Mae lunchboxes have 4 compartments of various sizes and include 2 small leakproof containers. They are non-toxic (BPA, PVC, Phthalates and metals free), can be washed in a dishwasher and are fully recyclable once the lunchbox has reached its end of life. Head over to their website to learn more about their environmental policy.