And we have a winner: Nora Sadler sent in the following on how to prepare healthy, zero waste lunches. One of the big secrets is to be prepared. Nora will receive a beautiful lunchbox courtesy of Love Mae.

Nora invested in a dehydrator to make:

  • Dehydrated fruit: “I have been able to buy fruit in bulk when in season and dehydrated. This means I will always have fruit that won’t bruise or be squashed to send to school and I can send a variety of fruit in all seasons
  • Fruit leather: turning over ripe fruit into fruit leather (like roll ups without the added sugar and preservatives)
  • Powdered fruit and veggies: zero waste, powdered orange skins to use in baking. Powdered vegetables that I add to my children’s food
  • I also look forward to making my own raw museli like bars, cookies and youghurt in the dehydrator

lunchboxThe example bento style lunch that I packed for my child this week has a variety of fruit both fresh and dehydrated. In the other I have vegetables, tofu and egg roll (I had also added powdered pea and zucchini to the egg roll).

Another lunch included frozen corn fritters with powdered greens and dehydrated banana. I also used cookie cutters for the carrots and rolled sliced cucumbers to make my child’s lunch look appealing to him.”

We think these are all amazing ideas that provide your kids with great variety and make lunch fun!

Thanks again, Nora. We love your ideas! 🙂