by Yvonne Pflieger

What an eventful year it has been!

After over 20 years the Manly Food Co-Op was about to close. But it is thanks to you all, our members, volunteers, supporters and the wider community that we are still open and thriving with renewed energy.

Here are some of the highlights of 2017. Let’s review 2017!

We managed to:

  • sign up almost 200 new members,
  • get 200 new likes and followers on Facebook bringing the tally to just under 2,000,
  • sign up 200 new followers on Instagram,
  • provide a weekly newsletter to 1,249 recipients.

News about the Co-Op were spread across the:

  • Manly Daily,
  • Different community groups and environmental organizations,
  • SBS German Radio,
  • Magazine and Manly Traveller’s Guide (print and online)

The co-op held numerous Workshops and classes around:

  • natural cleaning solutions,
  • fermentation,
  • mental health talks,
  • meditation evenings,
  • tea tastings

We celebrated in style during our:

  • Donor Appreciation Night and
  • The Christmas Party

We were present at:

  • Several Manly Village School Markets and
  • Ocean Care Day together with over 40 community and environmental groups

The Co-Op started partnerships with:

  • Boomerang Bags to encourage the use of reusable bags and
  • Closer collaborations with local businesses and organizations

We introduced new products like:

  • beetroot powder, freekeh, Kehoe’s sauerkrauts and vegan spreads, … and
  • extended our range of zero waste products like Love Mae bamboo sets, KeepCups, Joco Cups, stainless steel and bamboo straws, KleenKanteen stainless steel water bottles, … – the list is endless!

Stay tuned for part II next week to read more about our best selling products and sustainability achievements of 2017.