Tomato chilli sauce from scratch

This tomato chilli sauce is a staple in my fridge. What I love most about it is that it's incredibly versatile. It makes a healthy dip for crackers or sweet potato wedges, a tasty base for a lentil dahl, and a great flavour enhancer for stews. You can also change up...

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Porridge done three ways

Winter is approaching and you know what that means: oatmeal overload on instagram. Everywhere you look there'll be someone taking a photo of their oatmeal. How do you even compete in such a saturated market? You gotta change the game. Below are three quick and...

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Crispy gluten free quinoa pizza base

Wait, what did you just say? A crispy gluten free pizza base? Impossible. The cosmic law states ' if it's gluten free it must be terrible'. That might be true in some cases but not for this pizza. I'm not even celiac and I eat this regularly. It's perfect to make when...

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Fermented Foods. How To Make Kefir, By Elaine Oliver

What you will need Kefir Grains Organic milk (coconut milk and almond milk can also be used) Non-metallic sieve or cheesecloth 2 – 3 glass jars with lids Place your kefir grains in a glass jar and add your organic milk. You can either place a lid on the jar or cover...

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